Friday, October 9, 2020

September Recap - An Exciting Month!

This month was all about highlighting policies that protect the most vulnerable. Since the Democratic Party has disavowed the popular Hyde Amendment, Secular Pro-Life is reminding folks just how many children the amendment has saved: about 2.4 million people are alive today thanks to Hyde. Kelsey organized a virtual rally ("Out of Hyding") emceed by Terrisa which gave attendees a picture of how important it is for us to protect Hyde.

This month Terrisa and Monica also spent time working with Colorado pro-life groups to promote Prop 115, which would ban elective late-term abortions in the state (donate here to help). Terrisa flew to Colorado this last week to lead a rally at the state capitol in support of this basic common ground legislation.

Terrisa at the rally for Prop 115.

We gained 333 new followers, bringing us to 12,630 total. We sent 111 tweets, which were viewed 314,000 times, including our outing of the infamous abortionist Leah Torres, who lost her medical license in the state of Alabama.
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In September we gained 170 followers bringing us to 33,307 total.  Our content was viewed over 305,182 times, including 6,500 views of our Geordi LaForge accidentally pro-life Star Trek meme demonstrating how disability is no way to judge the value of a life.
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Our three most-read blog posts for September, in increasing order:If you have something to say about abortion from a secular perspective, we want to hear it!  Guest posts help us cover a more diverse range of perspectives, topics, and experiences. If you have an idea for a piece you'd like to submit, please email us at to discuss.

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