Friday, November 20, 2020

Medical Waste Company Ends Partnership with Late-Term Abortion Business

A Bio-Haz Solutions employee hauling boxes of dead babies.
Photo via Project Weak Link

For once, 2020 brings good news! Created Equal reports that Bio-Haz Solutions, a medical waste company, has stopped picking up and disposing of the bodies of Leroy Carhart's abortion victims in Bethesda, MD.

Created Equal is the organization behind Project Weak Link, a campaign urging medical waste companies to refuse to profit from abortion. As we've previously written

One of the leaked CMP videos featured abortionists commiserating about a perplexing administrative problem: if you can't sell the corpses, how else to dispose of them?

Created Equal has jumped on this and launched a new initiative called Project Weak Link. The tissue disposal companies are the weak link in the abortion industry chain. Created Equal proposes that if tissue disposal companies realize that working with abortion businesses will bring them bad press and cost them money, the power of the market will kick in to save babies.

Project Weak Link has seen several successes, but persuading Bio-Haz Solutions to quit doing Leroy Carhart's dirty work is a particularly sweet victory. Carhart is notorious for killing even third-trimester babies. He has a long history of sending women to the hospital and, more than once, the morgue. He openly admits that abortion ends the life of a baby. 

Now, Operation Rescue notes, "without a way to dispose of the large volume of aborted baby remains, it is likely that they are being stored at the clinic without refrigeration, creating a dangerous health hazard for Carhart’s clients, workers, and everyone else that does business in that multi-office building on Old Georgetown Road." We join in their hope that this untenable situation will finally cause local health authorities to terminate Carhart's gruesome trade. 

Created Equal encourages you to submit a digital thank-you note to Bio-Haz CEO David Henritzy for doing the right thing. 

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