Tuesday, November 3, 2020

October Recap


Monica has continued her work promoting social media for Colorado's Prop 115, which would put an end to the barbaric practice of killing viable pre-born children. If you live in Colorado or know people who do, make sure they remember to vote YES ON 115. Similarly, if you live in Lousiana, make sure to vote YES ON AMENDMENT #1: the Love Life Amendment.  It will ensure your state courts will never have the ability to "find" a right to abortion or taxpayer-funded abortion.

Monica is also starting to put together a comprehensive list of all the ways people can participate in pro-life work. If you are on Facebook, we encourage you to comment here with your thoughts and read about some of the suggestions we've already gathered for supporting sidewalk counselors and pregnancy resource centers, and advocating for adoption reform and legislative reform.

Monica also had a little too much fun getting into the spirit of the season with her Halloween pro-life memes (scroll to the end of this email to view a selection of them).

Kelsey was a featured speaker at the National Pro-Life Campaign Conference in Ireland, online of course.  Her talk can be seen here.

Terrisa rallied at the Department of Justice bringing attention to the fact that #PPSellsBabyparts and that the DOJ hasn't prosecuted these crimes. She also rallied at the Supreme Court to support the confirmation of the first pro-life woman to the Court: Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

Our polar opposite... but a good, civil conversation. See the pic on FB here.

We gained 343 new followers, bringing us to 12,973 total. We sent 213 tweets, which were viewed 458,000 times. Over 22,000 people viewed this one that underscores why we care about prenatal children.
Original tweet here.
In October we gained 1,449 followers, bringing us to 34,756 total. Our content was viewed over 385,000 times, including 41,400 views of this post emphasizing the number of women who aren't about to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Pretending pro-life women don't exist is probably not a great election strategy.
See the original post here.
Our three most-read blog posts for October in increasing order:If you have something to say about abortion from a secular perspective, we want to hear it!  Guest posts help us cover a more diverse range of perspectives, topics, and experiences. If you have a piece you'd like to be considered for posting, please email us at

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Finally, some of Monica's most popular October memes. Happy (late) Halloween!

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