Saturday, February 6, 2021

January Recap



With the March for Life moved mostly online due to the continuing pandemic, Secular Pro-Life had a much quieter January than normal. But SPL President Kelsey still made sure to engage and encourage our allies in the pro-life movement. She ran a virtual exhibit booth at the Cardinal O-Connor Conference on Life.  She also ran Family Feud at the virtual Rehumanize Game Night.

Of course, SPL co-lead Terrisa was a part of the small contingent of people physically at the March For Life as well as the Walk for Life on the west coast. As Terrisa takes on new responsibilities as president of Democrats for Life, she remains an important part of our non-partisan group as well.

In personal news, Kelsey has become a foster parent to a middle schooler! They have received tremendous support from the pro-life community. To learn how you can help foster children and families, visit Together We Rise, and check out Students for Life of America's proposed legislation to improve foster services. 

What is the WORST pro-choice slogan? Survey says 'my body, my choice,' with 'keep your rosaries off my ovaries' in second place.

Following the capitol riots and President Trump's removal from Twitter, for the first time, Secular Pro-Life lost Twitter followers. We have no specific information about the followers we lost or how they were lost, but we started out 2021 with 520 fewer followers and 12,800 remaining. For January we sent 70 tweets, which were viewed 213,000 times, including our response to a pro-choicer claiming pro-life advocacy is "easy":

Original tweet here.
We are at 33,820 followers on Facebook, up 109 from the start of the year. Our content was viewed 326,331 times, including 26,195 views this, stolen directly from Reddit.

See the original post here.
Our three most-read blog posts for January, in increasing order:
  • No, the Mexico City Policy does not drive up international abortion rates: President Biden promised to rescind the policy that withheld US tax dollars from funding international organizations that provide or refer for abortion. Guest blogger Candace Stewart points out the problems of the pro-choice claim that the policy paradoxically leads to more abortions.
  • Remembering the Victims of Roe v. Wade This time every year on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, we get an opportunity to reflect on just how devastating the ruling was for the millions of lives ended by abortion. Kelsey shares how she deals with the enormity of it.
  • Our cultural gaslighting of women who miscarry before 20 weeks Monica points to the cultural pressures that tell women the grief they experience in miscarriage is unrealistic or overblown. She then summarizes some research on how the medical community can better support women who miscarry. 
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