Monday, February 22, 2021

Pro-Life Advocates Urge Senators to Reject Biden's HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra

Above: a speaker and sign language interpreter at a February 20, 2021 press conference in opposition to Xavier Becerra. Signs read "Drop Becerra from HHS!"
Photo credit: Democrats for Life of America Facebook page

President Biden has selected a pro-abortion extremist to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Although no one expected a pro-life nominee, Biden's "unity" rhetoric led some to hope that he would put forward a moderate. Of course, it was all empty words. Xavier Becerra has a long, sordid history of abusing his power to serve the abortion industry. Among other things, he has prosecuted pro-life journalists for exposing Planned Parenthood's fetal organ trafficking scheme, attacked pregnancy centers' First Amendment rights, and is on record as opposing every common-sense abortion regulation imaginable—including protections for babies born alive after abortion attempts. Becerra's confirmation as Secretary of Health and Human Services would be a human rights disaster.

Becerra cannot become a Cabinet Secretary without the approval of the Senate, where Democrats hold a slim majority. It will only take a few "flips" to send Becerra packing. Pro-life lobbyists have identified ten Senators as possibly persuadable: Senators Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Susan Collins in Maine, Mitt Romney in Utah, Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, Michael Bennett in Colorado, Jon Tester in Montana, and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona.

Contact your Senators and urge them to vote NO on Xavier Becerra! There are several ways you can take action: 

On Saturday, Democrats for Life of America held a press conference outside HHS headquarters to oppose Becerra. Longtime SPL volunteer Nora Brennan was among the speakers. You can watch her speech here (starting nine minutes in) and a transcript is below:

Hi, I'm Nora. I understand the fear that a surprise pregnancy can bring, and the support that crisis pregnancy centers can provide. Pregnancy resource centers provide vital services to people in desperate need, without charging a fee. But instead of lifting up pregnancy centers, Xavier Becerra abused his position as California Attorney General to try to shut them down. He ordered them to give free advertising to abortion businesses, or face crippling fines. He trampled their right of conscience. He was so determined, he took his unconstitutional crusade all the way to the Supreme Court. 

Thankfully, the Court protected California's pregnancy centers from Attorney General Becerra—but the vote was much too close for comfort. And he’s not done. Now Becerra wants to resume his fight against the pro-life movement from a new perch, as head of the Department of Health and Human Services. We cannot let that happen!

I know just how abortion advocates will respond: they'll play the religion card. They will accuse me of being a Bible-thumper, a theocrat, or even a conservative Christian! So predictable. 

The truth is that I am an atheist. I'm a Democrat. I am one of the 12 million pro-life Americans who do not belong to a religion. Because the right of conscience is not only for people who believe in God. It is for people who believe that the vulnerable members of the human family deserve care. It is for people who believe in compassion. It is for people who believe that every human being has the right to life. Xavier Becerra does not share those values. We cannot trust him to protect Americans' rights and health. Senators, I urge you to vote NO on Xavier Becerra! 

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