Monday, March 8, 2021

February Recap

With the change of administration comes a new group of government officials and advisors. One of those nominations is that of Xavier Becerra to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. You may recall Becerra's name from his prosecution of the investigative journalists with the Center for Medical Progress for their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood. Secular Pro-Life volunteer Nora Brennan gave a passionate speech at a rally hosted by our own Terrisa Bukovinac to protest Becerra's nomination.

Still taking advantage of the power of Zoom to present anywhere, Kelsey spoke to a pro-life group in the Houston area. A large part of SPL's mission is to work with pro-life groups to emphasize the non-religious reasons to be pro-life. If you are interested in having Kelsey speak with your local pro-life organization or church, please reach out to us at

Finally, a preview of coming attractions! SPL's Monica Snyder has been working hard on a website to help those of us who want to support the pro-life movement but aren't sure where to begin. "How To Be Pro-Life" gives a variety of suggestions for what we can do outside of the typical roles of protester and voter. This is a time-consuming project as Monica gets the website ready to launch; if you like the idea, consider donating with a note letting us know your donation is for "How to be Pro-life."


Stay tuned!

We gained 166 new followers, bringing us to 12,966 total. We sent 121 tweets, which were viewed 207,000 times, including this tweet, viewed 15,113 times about the overwhelming silence we hear when we ask for sources to the claim that most late-term abortions are done for medical reasons.

We are at 33,812 followers on Facebook. Our content was viewed 332,974 times, including 51,224 views of this heartwarming exchange that could have been destroyed if the people pushing abortion had their way: 

I'm not crying, you're crying. 
See the original post here.
Our three most-read blog posts for February, in increasing order:Like what we do and have something to contribute? Consider writing a guest post. Guest posts help us cover a more diverse range of perspectives, topics, and experiences. If you have an idea for a piece you'd like to submit, please email us at
Thank you to our supporters
Thank you to those of you who donate to support SPL. We're run by dedicated volunteers who would not be able to devote our time and energy without your help. 

If you like our work, please consider donating: 


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