Wednesday, July 21, 2021

LAST CHANCE to vote for the Pro-Life Flag!

One of the three designs below will become the official flag of the pro-life movement, endorsed by dozens of partner organizations (including Secular Pro-Life). A runoff vote closes tomorrow. Use this link to vote.

Flag C's central symbol is an established icon in the global pro-life movement already! A simple but abstract depiction of a pregnant mother and her unborn child, this image has taken off as a unifying symbol in the South American pro-life movement. Often accompanied by the words "Salvemos Las Dos Vidas" ("Let's Save Both Lives"), this design stresses both the mother and child. It was created collectively by pro-life groups for the purpose of global pro-life use and unification. While it is not yet as well-recognized in the United States and Europe, adopting this symbol on the official pro-life flag would truly create a sense of unification within the global pro-life movement. The flag's design is simple, symbolic, and recognizable. The central symbol depicts love and representation for both the mother and her unborn child. The two background stripes of purple and white again stress the TWO lives present in a pregnancy: the mother and child. This flag shouts "Love them both."

Flag D's central symbol is a mother's hands holding her child. The symbol also resembles a budding flower, symbolizing new life. The two colors represent the two distinct lives present in a pregnancy: the mother and the child.

Flag F's central symbol is the iconic "precious feet" (representing the child). The feet are being lovingly held by a pair of hands (representing the mother). The two stripes in the background form an "equals" sign, representing that the unborn child is equally human. The two stripes are also symbolic of the two lives present in a pregnancy: the mother and her child. The subtle heart between the feet symbolizes the love that the pro-life movement shows to both the mother and her child.

All credit and many thanks to the Pro-Life Flag Project for organizing this design contest!

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