Friday, September 10, 2021

August Recap: A Hopeful Month?

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As you may have seen in our previous announcements, Monica Snyder has joined Secular Pro-Life as our Executive Director! If you missed Monica's introduction as ED, you can watch it here.

Monica hit the ground running with an appearance at the Rehumanize International conference this past Saturday, presenting "Deconstructing Three Pro-Choice Myths."

This month Monica jumped in on Midland, Texas podcast Schu Bro's Unfiltered, talking about the secular position in the pro-life movement.

Kelsey was busy this August. She presented "Secular Standpoint: Why Abortion Still Sucks" online to the University of Ottawa. She is serving as a Students for Life Stevens Fellowship mentor, where she's been paired up with a homeschool student from Virginia. She  also contributed an article to the summer issue of Human Life Review arguing reversing Roe would correct an egregious violation of church and state. An excerpt:

The Court treated the Stoics, Jewish scholars, Aristotle, and modern-day physicians as equally valid, competing sources of wisdom on the question of when a human life begins. They are not. No offense to Aristotle, but he never saw a sonogram.

We were at the Rehumanize Conference on Labor Day weekend! If you didn't make it this year, mark your calendar for next!


For June we gained 225 new followers, bringing us to 14,530 total. We sent 228 tweets, which were viewed 569,000 times, including 36,962 views of this tweet again reminding readers that the "pro-choice women vs anti-choice men" narrative is a myth.

Also, note support for a ban is nearly as high for non-white and low-income people.

We are at 33,314 followers on Facebook. Our content was viewed 304,166 times, including 35,400 views of this post, our response to a doctor arguing pro-life people should not be allowed to be OBGYNs.

Original FB post here. To check out our album on how pro-choicers regularly marginalize or erase pro-life women, go here.

Our three most-read blog posts for August, in increasing order:Like what we do and have something to contribute? Consider writing a guest post. Guest posts help us cover a more diverse range of perspectives, topics, and experiences. If you have an idea for a piece you'd like to submit, please email us at

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