Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Announcing the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising

Secular Pro-Life is led by three pro-life atheist women of varying political persuasions. Monica Snyder, the Executive Director, is a conservative; Kelsey Hazzard, the President, is a moderate; and Terrisa Bukovinac, the Vice President, is our resident dirty liberal hippie. In all seriousness, we love Terrisa, and we know that the pro-life cause cannot succeed without the vital contributions of left-leaning people. We are thrilled that she has launched a new organization, Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, to take back progressivism from monied abortion industry interests. The speech she gave on the steps of the Supreme Court last Friday night is one for the history books. 

* * *

What does it mean to be progressive? Well, ask a hundred progressives and you'll get at least a hundred answers. But a few common themes will emerge: To be progressive, you must be on the side of the oppressed, never the oppressor. To be progressive, you must be in solidarity with low-income people and trust them to know their own needs. To be progressive, you must stick up for the little guy.

The abortion industry turns all of that on its head. They'll tell you that to be progressive, you have to endorse mass acts of violence against children in the womb, who are utterly incapable of defending themselves. They'll tell you that to be progressive, you must ignore the voices of low-income people — who are more pro-life than the wealthy by huge margins. If Americans earning less than $40,000 a year dictated abortion policy in this country, Roe v. Wade would have been swept into the dustbin of history years ago. But never mind that; in this twisted perversion of "progressivism," it's the rich who know best. And they'll tell you that to be progressive, you absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, stick up for the littlest humans. 

But we know that abortion is not progress. Abortion is a regress, to the barbaric pseudo-morality of "might makes right." As progressives, we will not stand for it. We are reclaiming progressivism for life. Wherever you find fake progressivism bought by blood money, we will be there, and we will be LOUD. It is time for a Progressive. Anti-Abortion. Uprising!

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising is about speaking truth to power, not destroying the powerless. It is about investing in the lives of parents and children, not pretending that women have to kill their babies to succeed in a man's world. When I see giant corporations signing onto "pro-choice" letters, condemning pro-life states like Texas, I have to wonder: what are their parental leave policies like? How much are they counting on abortion to save them a buck and pad their bottom line?

People matter more than profit. Human lives matter more than money. THAT is the heart of progressivism. The sun is setting on the American abortion industry, and the world is watching. Can an authentic human rights movement succeed without billionaire backing, without corporate financing, without the support of professional elites? For the sake of millions of babies who have yet to take their first breaths, we say: it can, and it must, and it will!

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