Friday, October 1, 2021

September Recap!

Kelsey provided a concise legal explanation of the Texas Heartbeat Act and how the Supreme Court initially responded. Her commentary got her an invitation to the Rob Schmitt Tonight show (approximately 8m30s in) to discuss.

The National Catholic Reporter interviewed Monica for their piece "Even some Catholic pro-lifers have concerns about Texas' abortion law." Interviewed side by side with Catholic deacons and theologians, Monica was both the only atheist and the only person defending Texan efforts to outlaw abortion.

Monica presented an updated version of "Deconstructing Three Pro-Choice Myths" at the Rehumanize International conference. A recording is pending. Meanwhile, you can review the many sources she used to create the presentation here.

Kelsey spoke to the Students for Life at UGA about the history of Secular Pro-Life and current events in the pro-life movement. (If you'd like to have Kelsey speak to a student group, email

Over the summer, Terrisa relocated from sunny San Francisco to Washington DC, positioning herself to launch a progressive pro-life group designed to bring together feminists, liberals, BIPOC, secularists, LGBTQIA folk, and general left-leaning pro-lifers to end abortion extremism in the Democratic Party. See LifeNews and Fox News coverage. The launch is TONIGHT, October 1 at 6:30pm in front of the Supreme Court.

That's our girl!
For September we gained 1,038 new followers, bringing us to 15,568 total. We sent 621 tweets, which were viewed over 1.2 million times - a new record! The stat includes over 150,000 views of this tweet emphasizing basic biological facts about embryonic hearts.
This information shouldn't be controversial, yet here we are.
We are at 36,752 followers on Facebook. Our content was viewed 582,511 times, including 32,454 views of this post appealing to pro-life Tolkien fans.
"It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay."
Our three most-read blog posts for September, in increasing order: Like what we do and have something to contribute? Consider writing a guest post. Guest posts help us cover a more diverse range of perspectives, topics, and experiences. If you have an idea for a piece you'd like to submit, please email us at
What You Can Do
There are plenty of ways to help with pro-life work. This month you could:
  • Learn about fetal development. Be prepared to talk with others about, for example, whether embryos have hearts (they do). We compiled a thread of online accessible resources here.
  • Buy lunch for your local pregnancy resource center. This can be psychologically taxing work. Give them some emotional (and nutritional) support!
  • Email Monica ( if you're interested in summarizing, analyzing, or opining on abortion-related peer-reviewed research.
  • And, of course, you can always donate:
If you don't use Paypal, you can also find us on Venmo (@secularprolife - under "Business" rather than "People") or go to our Facebook page and click the blue "Donate" button under our cover photo on the right.

Thank you to all of our supporters! 
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